My name is Joe Adams and I am a student of medieval history and a Roman Catholic.  I was born and raised in the United States, but for the past (almost) six years, I have been living with my wife, in Canada.

I have, in the past few months, turned my attention to making writing a major part of my life.  When I was in Grade School and High School, I used to write every so often.  Some short stories and poems from time to time.  But I was never really encouraged to continue with it.  When I was in college, I spontaneously started writing a book, having no idea how to write one.  I think it was a natural extension of how much I had been reading, as I was reading around 7 books a semester on top of my class-load of reading, which was considerable as I was getting a degree in Philosophy.  I put writing away for awhile, but it was never far from my mind.  One day, this past May, I discovered that I really needed a hobby.  I had been listening to the Writing Excuses podcast and got to the point where I finally said, “You know…I could do this.”  And so I decided that this is what I was going to do.  This blog is a manifestation of both my desire to become a published author and my journey of discovering how that happens.

I am a rabid hockey fan, whose favorite team is the Detroit Redwings.  I have been following them since I first saw a playoff hockey game on ESPN, back in 1989.  Living in Canada has afforded me an opportunity to take my hockey fanaticism and raise it to a new level.  Canada is such a hotbed for hockey and there is so much coverage of it, up here, that it really is a national institution and not so much a pastime.  Even when hockey isn’t in season, there is always something to talk about, that is hockey related.

I am also an avid reader with specific interest in Sci-fi/Fantasy, as well as Philosophy, Theology, and, of course, History.

For a few years of my life, I played golf for a career, both as an amateur playing on the mini-tours in Florida, and also as a professional, when I was living in Arizona.  I stopped playing, back in 2005, and have recently begun to start going to the driving range, in an attempt to rekindle my enjoyment for the game.

I hope you enjoy what you read.


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